The one lens you need to get started

Let’s chat lenses!

You may have already heard it before that the lens that comes standard with your camera is not the best lens to use. Don’t fear it’s not a total waste and I would definitely still hold on to it as it will come in handy. But if you are looking to really transform the images you want to make sure you have a lens that can help you do just that.

Thus enters the 50mm 1.8 lens. This lens is not only affordable but when used correctly it will improve the quality of your images and also give you that lovely blurred background that so many love. The color and the image quality that comes out of this lens is simply beautiful. This lens is a must-have in your camera kit. The lower the aperture that you use the more of that beautiful blur you will get.

I’ve used this lens for everything from portraits to closeup product shots. The best part is you can get this lens for under $150. Get to shooting!!

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