3 Tips to start photographing for your blog

Photography can be a little overwhelming, to begin with. Thankfully there is a lot of information out there but that can still come with more overwhelm. So, today I wanted to share 3 tips on getting started in your photography journey.


Use what you have. If you just have a phone use that. Trust and believe that if you have a DSLR camera and don’t know how to use it. It’s useless. Start with what you have master it and upgrade as you go. When you are ready to upgrade your equipment I have a Blogger photography starter guide you can download here.

If you are still learning about the concept of good lighting. Start by taking the majority of your photos outside in the shade or near a window.


Create a mood board of what you want your photos to look like. Have an idea in your head about what you are trying to achieve. So, you can research and understand the style of what you are trying to achieve.


Practice makes perfect. Commit whether it’s 20 min a day to practice your photography skills. Invest in learning. There are a lot of great resources online. I have a photography Manual for bloggers course coming soon. If you are interested sign up to the mailing list.

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